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HMB Leisure is a small but growing towing specialist in the Motorhome leisure market.

In the UK, Smart-eBike electric bikes also have a throttle. Choose this option on the handlebar controls and the throttle can then be used as a 'launch assist'. This enables the rider to get 'extra' assistance when setting off which is often the hardest part of cycling. The throttle can also be used as a 'cruise control' to go completely under power.
These bikes can also be ridden as a normal cycle when the power is switched off.

Choosing the right Smart-eBike electric bicycle for you

Batribike Granite Electric Bicycle

Smart-eBike has a range of Batribike electric bicycles suitable for
the commuter and leisure cyclist.

There are many reasons for choosing an electric bicycle.

You might wish to cut down on car use, to save money or reduce CO2 emissions.

You may be cycling to work, but would like to arrive fresher and less tired.

You may already be cycling some distance but would like to extend your range or perhaps you find conventional cycling difficult through age or infirmity, but still like the fresh air and exercise that it brings.

There are lots of reasons to choose an electric bicycle. Electric motor assistance can make cycling easier and extend the useable distance over a normal pedal cycle.

Battery technology has improved in the last few years so that bikes can be lighter and go further.

Dash eBike
from 949

Granite eBike
Granite LCD
from 949

Diamond eBike
Diamond LCD
from 949

The Dash is a stylish yet trendy folding electric bike with a comprehensive range of features. The multi-function LCD display allows the selection of six levels of pedal assist plus throttle and an easy start option, yet it is very easy to operate. The low step-through frame, comfortable saddle and ergonomic handlebar grips make it a pleasure to ride.

With the rugged good looks its name suggests the Granite LCD is a high spec electric bike packed with features. Five levels of pedal assist plus a selectable throttle, this bike takes the ‘strain out of the terrain’. The handlebar mounted LCD provides the rider with data such as speed, distance and time travelled. Great rider protection, with full mud and chain guards and LED lighting all fitted as standard, make this a perfect commuter ride.

The top of the range Diamond LCD is a high spec electric bike brimming with features. The easy to read LCD gives riders multi level pedal assistance at the touch of a button and the selectable throttle gives even more choice. This is a classic unisex Dutch style tourer with a stylish lacquered brushed aluminium finish. The easy access step-through style makes it popular with both male and female riders. Comfort is assured with suspension seat, front suspension forks, full mud and chain guards, ergonomic grips and LED lights all fitted as standard.

The LCD system gives a clear indication of the amount of power left in the battery, the level of assistance selected and also a Cycle Computer function giving speed and distance travelled. LCD bikes have several levels of pedal assist.

Folding Shopper
from 949

Riding a Smart-eBike Electric Bicycle is like riding a normal cycle but with the strain taken away.

Batribike eTrike
eTrike from £1,199

The Electric Trike has an innovative tilting frame system that allows for tighter turns and a more comfortable riding style than a conventional tricycle. The tilting mechanism can be locked for those that prefer a rigid trike.

The eTrike uses the easy to use handlebar mounted LED system. This gives three levels of pedal assistance, Low, Medium and High, together with an LED battery indicator. It is also equipped with a twist-grip throttle for full assistance and to aid starting from a standstill. The electric tricycle can also be used without power and has a three-speed hub gear for ease of use.


Dash eBike ShopperFolding Shopper
Electric bikes are really easy to maintain and keep in good running order. Essentially they are a normal pedal cycle with a motor and battery attached. In general the maintenance required is common sense.


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the NCC and the Federation of Small Businesses

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