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Registered in England 08597550

Is HMB Leisure and Smart-Trailers connected with the products of Bantam Trailers Ltd dissolved 02/07/2013 or Bantam Trailers Ltd dissolved 05/01/2010 ?

No. These previous incarnations of Bantam Trailers traded products of which we at HMB Leisure Ltd are not connected. HMB Leisure has incorporated a new company Bantam Trailers Ltd on 4th July 2013 which is unconnected with 04778268 or 07147114.

Swift Motorhome towing Smart Car at

We hope to be able to advise you soon as to our exciting new plans in this area.

Come and visit us at one of the Shows or at Storrington (By Appointment), because we are willing to spend the time talking to you with first hand knowledge.


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Bantam Trailers
HMB Leisure has incorporated a
new company
Bantam Trailers Ltd

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Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd
Monastery Lane, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4LR

T: 07950 968348

Bantam Trailers Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd an independent towing specialist.
Neither this web site nor HMB Leisure Ltd is associated with any previous incorporation of Bantam Trailers Ltd.
Bantam Trailers Limited is registered in England & Wales with registration number 08597550 and registered office at St Josephs, Monastery Lane, Storrington RH20 4LR