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Bantam Trailers are pleased to be able to offer a selection of MDC products from MisterDotCom

You can now buy these superb MDC German quality products direct from us for self fit or have them professionally installed at our premises or, in most cases, use our mobile fitting service

Now available programmed for the UK in Miles & Imperial Gallons

Trip Computer for Smart 451

With installation Kit - plug & play.
For installation and swap out of original display

Selectable Output data of the Trip Computer:

• Current fuel consumption • Current speed • Turbo Boost Pressure • Tacho RPM • Outside temperature for each 1° • Engine temperature (water) for each 1° • Level of fuel in the tank with range computation • Total Mileage • Trip odometer • Average fuel consumption • Average speed • Maximum speed • Travel time/stop time • Time • Battery Voltage • Open door/rear flap indication • Daily statistics • Acceleration Measurement 0 > 100 • Will also Indicate the Cruise Control function when using the MDC Cruise Control

• Selections of the error memory • Delete the error memory • Of the vehicle OBD of values

Optional indication: • Interior temperature • Oil pressure • Oil temperature - additional hardware required

Prices from £385 (depending on LCD colour)
Installation at Storrington £155

Green/Black display

Amber/Black as per original display

Blue/White display

451 Cruise Control - plug&play

- complete Cruise Control in plastic cover.
- original smart wiper switch from smart 450
- all necessary cables

Plugs in to Speedo binnacle and Throttle Module - no need to cut and connect wires fully plug&play!

Main Functions:-
1 - Save and hold current speed
2 - Limit the current speed as maximum speed
3 - Increase or decrease speed in small increments and hold
4 - Resume and the car goes to the last speed set before cruise was disabled

5 - SpeedBooster already included in this item.
6 - Optional SpeedSignal feed e.g. for navigation.

Safety functions:-
Automatically disengages when:
using the foot brake
using the handbrake
loss of CAN-BUS or speedsignal
when gear shift is in N - 0 - R
a door opens while driving
when ESP takes control

Price £345-
Full Fitting at Storrington £135-

We need to know if you have a Coupe or Cabrio!

Fitting instruction & Manual


Oil Pressure & Temperature Adaptors

Complete package for the measurement of oil temperature and oil pressure via connection to the MDC Trip Computer.

Consisting of: adapter module,
Oil Pressure module,
Oil Temperature sensor,
Distribution PCB for cable connection to the Trip Computer

Suitable only for petrol engines!

Price £189
Installation at Storrington £95


Window lifter adaptor

Plug the adaptor into the SAM fuse box and the
electric windows can be operated without ignition!

Easy assembly, just plug and play!.

Price £35

Assembly instruction

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