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Welcome to HMB Leisure.
Half Moon Bay Leisure Group are the UK's leading specialists in Motorhome vehicle towing.

Beginning in 2004 with our well renowned Smart-Trailers, we can now provide trailers for any car and we have moved strongly into A-Frame towing where our SmartBoxDUO electronic power vacuum braking system and TowAFrame lightweight A-Frames are leaders in the European market.

HMB Leisure is probably the only towing company in Europe who provide both Trailer and A-Frame solutions, we are therefore uniquely positioned to offer you impartial towing advice. HMB Leisure are also full professional members of the National Caravan Council and the National Trailer and Towing Association through which we strive to maintain the very highest levels of customer care.

In 2013 HMB Leisure acquired and incorporated Bantam Trailers into the Group.

A small but growing towing specialist in the Motorhome leisure market incorporating Bantam Trailers Ltd.

Please choose from our specialist areas:
1) - Trailers - Unbraked and braked to carry any car from 750kg to 3,500kg including Covered Trailers
2) - Specialist Electronics for Smart Cars
3) - Insurance specially designed for any type of trailer by Bantam Trailers
4) - Tow Bars for Smart 450 & 451 and VW Up! Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii Cars
5) - eBikes by Batribike

Leaders in Small Car Towing


Car Trailers

Small Car & Box Trailers
braked & unbraked

We specialists in a limited
range of specialist towbars
VW Up, Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii
Smart 451 & 450

Check out our range of Car Transporter Trailers, Box Trailers and specialist trailers for towing vehicles behind your Motorhome.




Long term partners with the Swift Group, HMB Leisure are expert advisors on UK and European towing law. Whether it be trailers under the brand name or ultra-lightweight A-Frames using electronic vacuum power braking under the brand HMB Leisure can answer your questions on the easiest, safest and most legal ways to tow a vehicle behind your Motorhome.

Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd
Monastery Lane, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4LR

T: 07950 968348

Bantam Trailers Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd an independent towing specialist.
Neither this web site nor HMB Leisure Ltd is associated with any previous incorporation of Bantam Trailers Ltd.
Bantam Trailers Limited is registered in England & Wales with registration number 08597550 and registered office at St Josephs, Monastery Lane, Storrington RH20 4LR